Myanmar Idol winner to be announced on March 25

Lin Lin Khaing

The final leg of Myanmar Idol Season 2 will be held on March 25, with the top two finalists - Thar Nge and Billy La Min Aye. One of the two will become Myanmar Idol after competing against each other with their selected songs.

The two have now been allowed to return to their native places temporarily. "This contest is to choose the best singer, who is also loved and admired by the audiences. Among those contestants, 10 were shortlisted and they had to compete step by step. The three finalists have their skills and talents so they will be able to walk their own routes in the music world. However, the first prize winner cannot always be successful. Likewise, every winner could not have been awarded first prize. This is why those who leave the competition doesn't need to be disheartened," said vocalist Tin Zar Maw, one of the judges of the contest, after the result show of the three top finalists.

At the two top finalists' show, the contestants can compete with songs of their choice, and some other artistes will perform during intervals of the show. Since the start of Myanmar Idol Season 2, there have been weekly shows in which the competitors sang their songs under different themes. They are then selected through voting by viewers across the country. After every result show, one who has got fewest votes has to leave.

However, criticism has emerged after one competitor who was very popular - Po Mi - left the show last week.