Funeral of actor Min Thway held

EMG reporter
Funeral of actor-cum-singer Min Thway in progress

The funeral of actor-cum-vocalist Min Thway took place at Yayway cemetery in Yangon Region on Sunday, attended by his relatives and those from Myanmar's film industry.

The 33-year-old actor died suddenly while taking a short rest after playing football with his friends at about 11.20. His relatives, co-actors and actresses and fans were deeply saddened by his sudden death.

Min Thway's funeral took place quietly without prior announcement. His funeral service was led by his brother, Academy award winning actor Nay Toe.

Showing great enthusiasm for his acting career, Min Thway had starred many films and videos. He died when a film titled "Thetkwin" (killing fields) in which he starred a leading actor is about to be shown in cinemas. He had also published a music album "Htoesit" (offensive).

He died when he was planning to publish a music album together with singers Thar Nge and Nyi Min Khaing. Min Thway's funeral attracted large crowds of moaners.