An interview with Director Christina Khi

Lin Lin Khine
Caption: An image of Director Christie Khi


Q: Please tell me about why did you attend the Europe Film Festival?

A: As I am from film environment, film director and films are always associated with each other. Another thing is I am interested in the films shown in this festival. That’s why; I attended the Europe Film Festival.

Q: Do you like films shown in the Europe Film Festival?

A: I do. Most of my favorite films are French films. Their creations are very crystal clear. Although I like French films, it may be different in Myanmar way of thinking. For example, the film named “Blue is the warmest color” is a film about two women fall for each other. They show detail of their emotions in the film. I like so much of their creation. In Myanmar, I don’t think creation of that kind of movie won’t be suitable with Myanmar audience. I enjoyed the film creation very much. I learn from the film and I take what I can to my films.

Q: Could you tell me about the films “Now and Forever” and “Thida”?

A: Application letters are not accepted any more. Many people interested and apply for the two films. At first, I thought of closing application but later I accepted for next two weeks. Many applied through online. I am so happy that most people apply for the two films. I am choosing location to shoot the film. In the previous films, as we have limited budget, we did best in the limited budget amount. This time, I’ll do preparation works thoroughly before shooting with my own creation style. I am also prepared to share work with skillful workers.

Q: What kind of plot is “Now and Forever”?

A: It is quite different from the previous films. It is purely romance. In the previous films, I didn’t aim for the romance only. In “Mudra” film, it emphasized on Myanmar culture and romance is a little faded. In “Upae Tan Hmyin”(Deception), it is a suspense drama and there is little role for romance. In this new film, it will show all the good and bad things happened to a life beginning with love.

Q: How do you think of creation of that film?

A: I will go in accordance with the film trend. But, I will show how a Myanmar couple face their lives.

Q: You said that there are many people applied for casting. Is it more than the amount you needed for the film?

A: I don’t limit numbers. In my experience, although many applied for the casting but only one or two is fit for the role. Now that, the number is 5 or 6 times than the previous casting amount. If you start conservation with a person, you will know his or her personality. Is he interesting or not, good or bad, we have to see through them. We have to understand them as there are people afraid of people. In personal interview, I will contact to the most interesting people. For shooting, I will start “Now and forever”. After that I will shoot “Thida”.

Q: Do you have any plan to use former stars took part in previous films?

A: Except Aung Myint Myat, all former stars applied for the new films. All of them are in my mind at the start. But, when they applied, it made me amazed. Some people who got certain status in other films also applied to my new films. Some have potentials and some don’t. Some are talented but they aren’t suitable for various characters. I have also hired a man to train their characters. I have to discuss with him for their acting. I have to think of time they can give me in shooting a film.

Q: How do you feel that there are people applied for whom you worked together previously?

A: I am very happy and at the same time felt that I need to work more. Although they wanted to work, I need time to shoot a film. Now, I also desire to train assistant directors. I wish them to be new directors. If they can direct and create good films, our film production can produce more films. I wish to get more work for those worked with me and got some status among audience.