Frozen Night in Japan music concert

Lin Lin Khine
Caption: A singer entertaining at a music concert.
“Frozen Night in Japan”, a music concert where famous vocalists like Sai Sai Kham Hlaing will be participating, is to be held in Kyoto, Japan.
It will be at a Theater Super Live Theater Area) on October 21. Vocalists to be part of the show are Saw Nyi Nyi, Snare, Bunny Phyo, G-Fatt, and John.
“There will be a music concert in Japan for the Myanmar people living in Japan. We will go there well prepared,” said Ko Eikyar Kway, organizer of the show.
“In the open season, me and my vocalist friends will go to Japan to entertain at the Frozen Night in Japan, a music concert,” said singer G-Fatt.
Tickets for the show are being sold. Standard ticket price is Yen 7500 where door ticket is Yen 8500. VIP tickets are already sold out.