Director Maung Okka honoured for saving Myaganaing classic film as heritage

Lin Lin Khine
Caption: A prize was given to Director Maung Okka and his team.

Director Maung Okka who put his effort to put Myaganaing classic film into world heritage film list was presented with honorary prize on August 25.

The honorary prize was awarded to Director Maung Okka and his team by Myanmar Motion Picture Association. Together with him, outstanding students of Myanmar Motion Picture Association members were also presented prizes.

At the occasion, he said, “There are many classical film which were recorded in films were destroyed due to weaknesses in preservation of these films. Film represents the various evolution of culture, and history of a country. We need to preserve them systematically. When I saw the film, “Myaganaing”, directed by my grandfather, realized that these classical films need proper and systematic maintenance. With that aimbition, I attended necessary courses. Under the title of “Save Myanmar Film”, we are implementing preserve ancient films with digital system. Although “Myaganaing” was chosen in the world heritage list, we need to preserve these classical films.”

“Myaganaing” was directed by director Maung Tin Maung in 1934 starring Chit Swe and Myint Myint. After preserving with digital system, it was shown in Memory Film Fstival.

A restored version of the 1934 film Myaganaing (The Emerald Jungle), the oldest Myanmar film still in existence was  once premiered at Nay Pyi Taw Cinema at a Memorial Film Festival, to a live accompaniment by Hein Tint (Thaung Htike) and his Hsiang Waing ensemble, alongside two musicians from Berlin: Meike Goosmann (saxophone) and Stefan Weeke (bass).

The Memory Film Heritage Festival is an international film festival which showcases classic movies from around the world.