Wathan Film festival to show “Passage of Life”

Lin Lin Khine
Caption: A scene from the “Passage of Life”.


In the special screening programme of Wathan Film festival, a film portraying a Myanmar family living in Japan entitled as “Passage of Life” will be shown.The film was shown at the 30th Tokyo International film festival and Asian feature section. It received the best Asian feature award and the spirit of Asia award.

It is directed by Japanese director Akio Fujimoto, based on the true story of a Myanmar family living in Japan. Other Myanmar migrants in Japan also starred in the film. The story revolves around a mother of two young boys living in a small apartment in Tokyo. She became the breadwinner of her family when her husband was caught by the immigration bureau. She pours her heart and soul into raising her sons in a foreign country as they argue day in and day out over the absence of their deported father. In a world of uncertainty, she begins to long for her homeland.

“The objective of this film is to showcase the lives of Myanmar people living in Japan, the problems they face and their feelings while living in Myanmar. Those starring in the films are not actors or actresses but they did their best and I thank them for their roles,” said Director Aki Fujimoto.

The Wathann Film Festival is a film festival held annually in Yangon during the rainy season in September. It was launched in 2011 and, it is the first film festival in Myanmar. Entries to the competition are categorized as Short Fiction, Documentary Film, or Other (in 2011 called "New Vision").

Winners of the competition for each award are selected by a jury. The length of films is limited to 15 minutes for fiction, animation, experimental film or video art or 30 minutes for documentary film. The design of the Wathann Film Fest was inspired by the Berlin international film festival.