Memory Film Festival 2018

Lin Lin Khine
Caption: A scene from last year’s Memory Film Festival.
The Memory Film Festival will return to Yangon in November this year. The annual film festival which features classic films from around the world and Myanmar hopes new generation youths will fall in love with old-but-gold movies.
“It is to be held from November 9 to 18. The list of the films showing in the festival will be announced later as well as the screening timetables. There will be programmes such as development programme in which Myanmar scripts will be chosen by Myanmar Script Fund and developed. In addition, there will be films restored with digital system,” said an official from the Memory Film Festival.
It has restored Mya Ganaing (Emerald Forest) and Pyo Chit Lin (My Beloved Hubby) - both are classic Myanmar movies.
The Memory Film Festival was first held in Yangon in 2013. The Festival has established a base in Myanmar, which is rich in cinema history dating back to the 1920s. It aims to bring to the Myanmar public kinds of films that were difficult to access for several decades in this country. By looking at these films, viewers will experience rich histories of the world and local films, and see movies as both popular and an inspiring art form that reaches across eras and nations. Movies are journeys through time, space, and history. By looking at these classic movies, we can have a glimpse of different culture, traditions and societies of the world countries.