Traditional Thai dance performance to stage in honour of Thai-Myanmar relations

Su Hmu Naing
Caption: Khon Masked dance (Photo-royalthaiembassy facebook)
To mark the 70th diplomatic relations between Myanmar and Thailand, a famous traditional Thai dance, Khon masked dance, will be staged in Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay.
The dance will be held on June 21, MICC II in Nay Pyi Taw and national theatre in Mandalay on June 23 respectively.
The masked dance was held at the Yangon National Theatre on June 19. Tickets were free of charge and one can see their announcements on social media pages of Thai Embassy.
The masked dance will be performed by the Royal Dance Troupe of the Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Culture, and Thailand. They will be joined by the Myanmar Cultural Troupe of the Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture. It will feature four beautiful scenes from the Ramakien, a Thai national epic adapted from the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana. 
This includes the opening scene of the Ramakien, the lifting of the bow, the abduction of the heroine Sita, and the battle between the ideal king, Rama, and the demon king, Thotsakan. 
Thai Embassy organized the "Colours of friendship: Thailand - Myanmar Art Exhibition during 7 - 14 June 20 at the National Museum in Yangon. The Art Exhibition featured paintings and other forms of art pieces contributed by both Thai National artists and prominent Myanmar Artists.