Cartoon exhibition to be held over 3 days

Lin Lin Khaing
A cartoon exhibition held during the Tazaungdaing light festival.


The Myanmar Cartoonists Association will organise a three-day cartoon exhibition in December.
The exhibition will take place at the Moon Art Gallery in Yangon, starting from December 15.
An official at the association said: “We have invited cartoonists to send their works to be displayed. We will scrutinise them before displaying. The point is to exhibit the works of the association’s members.
“The works of some late cartoonists will also be put on the show.” Potential participants must submit their work on A3 paper and pay K6,000 (US$4.50) for a frame by November 30. The cartoonists may sell their works at their desired price, the official said.
The exhibition will include the sale of t-shirts printed with the works of famous comic strips from deceased cartoonists, and will include a “meet-and-greet” between cartoonists and their fans.