‘Music Bank’ to capitalise on K-pop craze in Myanmar

Lin Lin Khaing

“Music Bank”, a South Korean music television programme broadcast by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), will stage a K-pop concert in Yangon.

“Music Bank recently staged a live concert with many K-pop artists in Vietnam. It was a successful concert and some Myanmar fans came to watch it. K-pop groups want to perform in Myanmar. That’s why we’ve been in talks with them [about holding a concert] in Myanmar,” said Jaw Maran of Living Sound Entertainment.

“Top-level K-pop groups will participate in Music Bank. We are still finding a venue at the moment. We need a venue with a capacity of thousands. Only then we can cover the costs. If we can hold such kind of concert, it is good for the country’s image and the audience can watch an international concert in Myanmar,” he added.

Since 2002, a number of international artists including Grammy-Award winning pop singer Jason Mraz have staged concerts in Myanmar. With K-pop sweeping Myanmar, leading South Korean girl group 2NE1 staged a successful concert in Yangon last year, attracting over 10,000 people.

The lineup for the “Music Bank in Yangon” concert includes such A-list K-pop outfits as EXO, SHINee, Got7, Block B, Teen Top, Sistar, and A Pink.  

Since 2011, the Music Bank World Tour has been held in nine different cities across Asia, Europe, and South America.  

In recent years, more local fans have been travelling to neighbouring countries to attend K-pop concerts and other international performances. Tickets to these concerts are relatively less expensive than those in Myanmar where tickets can cost Ks 900,000 (US$900) in the case of 2NE1’s concert.