‘The Glass Man’ wins the International Documentary Award

A still from ‘The Glass Man’. (Photo – Supplied)

Noted filmmaker Wera’s documentary titled “The Glass Man” won the International Documentary Award (part of the Golden World Awards 2015). The awards presentation ceremony will be held at the World Films Awards 2015 in June.

“The film festival will be held from June 8 to 19. I’m not sure whether I will be attending the film festival or not. The aim of making this film is not to win this kind of awards but to portray the struggle of a young disabled man who doesn’t want to give up on his life and to highlight the disabled’s need for equal rights in Myanmar. I’m very happy the film has been allowed to screen in international film festivals and won awards,” said Wera.

Besides the Golden World Awards, the Platinum World Awards and World Awards of Merit wil be presented at the World Films Award 2015. The winning films will be screened during the film festival and the award ceremony will be held on June 9.

Wera is currently shooting a documentary about World War II on location in Japan.