Hope and faith

We live with expectations and we keep on our journeys through life with beliefs. It would not be wrong to say that our lives are full of hopes. We lose a meaningful way of life when these expectations fade out. Different experiences train us to develop our skills to live on and to keep our behaviour improving. Therefore, people can deal with future problems in a better and more logical way. So it is important to keep our expectations alive and our beliefs strong.

The world is changing in a faster way and we all need variety in our lives. And every change has both a good side and a bad side. We have different ways of life and challenges according to our geographical locations, religions and nationalities. Myanmar is particularly troubled while its population faces numerous challenges and changes.

Rankings based on the cost of living and quality of life for more than 180 countries by the Global Finance Magazine have put Myanmar at 55th as a poor country. Better business activity for a country means fulfilling basic needs and expectations for its national development. It is vital. Every citizen has expectations and beliefs for their country’s politics, economy and social affairs. Most want well-being in their daily lives, to earn enough for their daily needs, peace, freedom from everyday problems and troubles and a functioning system of justice.

The Daily Eleven thinks political stability, strong economic growth and peace are essential to keep every citizen’s hopes and beliefs alive.

Translated by TTW