Puma Energy to start LPG distribution in around 2019


Singapore-based Puma Energy Company will start distributing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for cooking in around 2019, according to a press conference at Union Business Centre on June 21.

Wai Hlyan Min, the commercial manager of Puma Energy said: “The Company is conducting a survey on LPG market. We are trying to make our investments as quickly as possible. It will materialize in around 2019-2020.”

Myanmar, China to sign MoU on economic corridor project


Myanmar is discussing with China to implement Myanmar-China economic corridor project, according to Myanmar Investment Commission.

Aung Naing Oo, Director-General of Directorate of Investment and Company Administration said: “Myanmar and China will sign a contract on the construction of Myanmar-China economic corridor. No exact date has been fixed for the contract signing. But it will materialize in 2018.”

Myanmar cooperates with Korea for farm machinery development

Myanmar is cooperating with South Korea in its effort to develop farming machinery, according to the Ministry of Industry.

Gems Emporium to sell over 7,000 lots of jewels, pearls and jade

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More reforms needed to attract Korean investors

MYANMAR needs to pick up the pace of economic reforms in order to attract more investment from South Korea, said a senior trade official who led a market research mission to Myanmar.

Ambassador Lee Hyuk, secretary general of the Asean-Korea Centre, said in an interview that Myanmar must urgently create a better investment climate to succeed in encouraging more South Korean businesses to invest in the country. “Korean investors feel that the time is not right for them to invest here,” he said, citing the fierce competition in the region.

Visa callsto boost financial literacy


GIVEN THAT the majority of Myanmar people lack the knowledge to use digital payment platforms, all the players in the finance industry must work together to educate them so the nation can become a cashless society, according to Arturo Planell, country manager of Visa Myanmar.

He said at a recent press conference there was a clear gap in financial knowledge.

Partnerships drive iflix’s growth in Myanmar

Given increasing mobile penetration and a healthy appetite for amazing contents, iflix, a global streaming service provider with presence in 27 nations across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, is experiencing strong growth in Myanmar, according to Adeana Greenlee, the firm’s head of Indochina.

Agri First Co to operate fertilizer factory in Thilawa SEZ in October

The fertilizer factory established by Agri First Company in Thilawa Special Economic Zone in Yangon Region will be opened in October, according to a press release issued by Myanmar Agribusiness

Rice prices may increase in domestic market


Over 400,000 acres of idle Sagaing land to be confiscated

The government will confiscate more than 400,000 acres of vacant land in Sagaing Region that has not been used for agricultural purposes, said Than Win, secretary of the assessment committee for