Complete ban placed on rice exports in Muse


Executive committee of the rice trade center in Muse issued a statement saying that it has placed a total ban on rice exports in Muse.

Local and foreign merchants and brokers are exporting local-grown rice to China via illegal routes. The government has not allowed merchants to export rice officially. Actions will be taken against those who export rice illegally.

China agrees to continue Kyaukpyu project based on results


Govt, JICA sign agreement worth 6,033 million yen to implement Mandalay port project

The Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems and Japan International Cooperation Agency signed an agreement worth 6,033 million yen in grant aid for a Mandalay

Calls out for investments in China-Myanmar border economic zone


Union Minister for Commerce Dr Than Myint has called on local entrepreneurs to invest in a border economic zone project in China-Myanmar.

Only 61 companies are entitled to public offering: DICA


Apart from 61 public listed companies, any business entities have no right to sell shares to the public, according to a statement by Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA).

According to DICA’s statement dated October 1, AMATA Holding Public Co., Ltd and Telecom Public Co., Ltd are able to sell shares to the public.

Local fuel prices increase by over 19% in four months

Local fuel prices have increased by over 19 percent over the past four months due to dollar appreciation, according to filling stations.

Myanmar Shipyards builds 528 new vessels, repairs 1,598 ships

YANGON- Myanmar Shipyards under the Ministry of Transport said that 528 new ships were built and 1,598 ships were repaired up until August this year.
Myanmar Shipyards was formed in 1970 as a state-owned enterprise and it has carried out construction and repairing processes of vessels as commercially since the beginning of 1976.

80 pc of automobile purchases related to installment system


About 80 per cent of all automobile purchases in the local market are linked to the installment system, said Dr Soe Tun, President of Myanmar Automobile Manufacturers and Distributors Association.

The number of people who buy automobiles under the financing and hire purchase system of banks has increased. The number of those buying automobiles with hard cash is relatively low, he added.

Citizen investment hits over Ks-17,714 billion in eight months



Until August this year, Myanmar citizen investment reached over Ks-17,714 billion, with the housing development, manufacturing, transport and communication and hotels and tourism sectors topping the list of citizen investments, according to the figures from Myanmar Investment Commission.

Rice export earnings hit over $ 370 m


From April to mid-September this year, Myanmar exported more than one million tons of rice and broken rice to 42 countries, according to the Commerce Ministry.

During the same period, Myanmar earned US$ 371.123 million from exports of 1070986.190 million—US$ 305.728 million from exports of 853403.230 tons of rice and US$ 65.395 million from exports of 217582.960 tons of broken rice.