Power surplus may be sold to neighbouring countries

The report, issued by the Myanmar Green Network, says electricity surplus generated from the newly built coal-fuelled power plants might be sold to neighbouring countries. 

Even in Japan, the electricity charges from coal-fired power plant ranged from Ks. 190 to Ks. 300. Due to the electricity charges in Myanmar generated from coal-fired power plant is high for domestic businesses and consumers, the coal-fired power plants won’t give many benefits to the country, the report says. 

The report suggests that the country should not run the coal-fired power plants since coal needed for the operations have to be purchased from abroad and it might be costly.  

The report includes that China, India and Thai which use the coal-fired power plants are now replacing with other kinds of energy to reduce negative environmental impacts. The report suggests Myanmar  do the same (to find alternative energy) to tackle negative impacts.

Mining expert Saw Moe Myint said that there are three coal-fired power plants in Myanmar. Tikyit plant generates 120 megawatst, Kawthough plant generates 8 megawatts and Naungcho plant generates 15 megawatts. 

“Regarding these plants, there are both pros and cons we’ve already shown. Some companies try to carry on the project without considering the disadvantages,” said Dawei Thant Sin from Myanmar Green Network.