New housing in Dagon Seikkan Township to go on sale in October

Newly built apartments under the Yadanar and Ayerwut affordable housing projects located in Dagon Seikkan Township, Yangon, will go on sale in installments beginning in October, according to Kyaw Soe, the Regional Minister of Construction, Forestry and Energy.

The first phase of the housing projects, carried out by the Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development, consists of 7,200 units and will be sold according to the instructions from the Ministry of Construction and the Yangon regional government.

“The first phase contains 7,200 apartments. From that amount, the Yangon regional government will allot some, and those will go on sale in October. The official price has yet to be set since things are still processing,” commented Kyaw Soe.

Many such housing projects are underway in places such as Hlaingtharyar, Dagon Seikkan and North Dagon, but most are too expensive for low-income people. Those who can afford them must win the purchasing rights in a lottery.

The apartments that have already been sold in North Dagon township costs between Ks 200,000 and Ks 300,000. 

New affordable apartments in the Hlaingtharyar area, located on the outskirts of Yangon, cost between least Ks 110,000 and Ks 125,000. 

There have been several cases in which lottery winners have been unable to afford deposits for the apartments.