Myanmar slams EU rights report

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned a European Union document on human rights in Myanmar at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy.

At the Swiss summit, the ministry stated that the report failed to properly analyse projects to improve the rights of citizens. Other points could harm governance and Myanmar’s internal affairs, it said. It also showed negligence in its predictive criticism of November’s general election in Myanmar, despite the efforts to make it an honest and fair poll, adding that the report used terminology that was not accepted by the government or public. It might even create misunderstanding between international humanitarian groups and Myanmar.

The Myanmar delegation explained the country’s situation and standpoint and rejected the report, stating that Myanmar had nothing to do with it. 

The ministry said that Myanmar, in the four-year period of reform, had made great strides in politics, economics and governance, and overcome numerous barriers facing a young democratic nation. In the current delicate state, advice and support should be given instead of criticism, the statement said. The government would continue to strive towards the goal of ensuring all citizens’ rights and would continue to work with organisations that supported the nation.