Myanmar explores fourth oil block in Rakhine offshore

Myanmar has started exploring its fourth deep-sea offshore oil block in Rakhine on February 7, according to the Ministry of Energy.

Aung Pyi Hein 1 oil well, block AD-1, is being explored by the Chinnery Assets Limited in cooperation with Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) under the Ministry of Energy. The company will explore natural gas at a depth of 1,731 metres and the oil at a depth of 5,000 metres.

At the drilling platform offshore, 21 technicians and workers from MOGE are jointly working with the staff from the company. The drilling equipment at the AD-1 can drill up to the depth of 3,000 metres.

This is the fourth exploration after signing of MoU to explore oil and natural gas in AD-9 and AD-11 in Rakhine offshore and MD-5 in Tanintharyi offshore.