Ks1 trillion from new car tax

The tightening of regulations on imported cars has increased revenue by Ks1,145.6 billion, according to Myanmar’s Customs Department.

Since October 2011, Ks590 billion in tax and more than Ks554 billion in commercial tax was collected from 432,953 imported vehicles.

Among the vehicles, 117,006 were part of a project exchanging derelict cars with more modern ones and 94,741 were for car showrooms, 2,818 came through shipping permits, 730 from company permits, 43 by migrant workers’ permits, 1,997 under Hotel and Tourism Ministry permits, 108 through diplomatic permits and 214,924 from independent permits.

Although areas outside Yangon suffer from a lack of vehicles, there are plans to restrict the flow of vehicles into congested Yangon.

Previously it was planned that only those who owned car parking lots registered with the authorities could import cars. However, it met heavy criticism and was never implemented.

Now those who apply to import cars must be present at the collection of the vehicle. Those who are seeking to exchange old passenger and cargo vehicles for newer ones must only import models built between 2003 to 2005. Vehicles with engines smaller than 1,350CC must have been made in 2003 or later.

Those applying under independent permits for 1,350CC or smaller cars and express vehicles must import models from 2010 or later.