Kachin to prosecute alleged Chinese log thieves

Chinese citizens arrested for log theft (Photo - EMG)

The Kachin State government has taken legal action against more than 100 alleged Chinese log thieves, in accord with the 1947 Public Properties Protection Act.

The men, who were detained in Kachin State, could face long prison sentences for breaching immigration, forestry and drug laws, according to the Ministry of Forestry. 

Myitkyina forestry department is measuring timber from Winemaw, according to the regional government. 

It is alleged that the men have been stealing Myanmar’s timber for several years and were seized this month with the assistance of the military. 

Around 436 trucks were used to carry the logs along with one excavator, two cranes, nine motorbikes and other vehicles. Opium was also seized. 

China tops the world in illegal wood trading with 90 per cent coming from Myanmar, according to the timber association. 

In 2014, approximately 40,000 tonnes of illegal timber was seized, the majority of which was felled by Chinese citizens, the authorities said