Four factories threaten to sack staff

Workers demand a pay rise in June. (Photo-Shine Lin Aung/EMG)
Although some proprietors threatened to close their factories if the minimum wage was set at Ks3,600 (US$2.8) a day, there were only four businesses trying to issue redundancy notices, according to Myo Aung, the permanent secretary of at the Ministry of Labour.
Garment and commodity factory owners also gave a thumbs down to the salary and officials from the ministry are talking to businesses which have problems with the new rate.
Aung Lin, chairperson of the Myanmar Trade Unions Federation, said compensation should be given to anyone being laid off.
There are sandal, umbrella, jewellery, fishhook, envelope, pencil, plastics and wallet factories. Around 50 textile firms had entered the country so far this year, according to the Directorate of Investment and Companies Administration.
Any owner failing to pay Ks3,600 after September 1 would face action, Myo Aung said.