DICA predicts Ks 261 billion in local investment

Tourists visit Manlae in Indaw Township, Katha District, Sagaing Region. (Photo: Soe San)

More than Ks 261 billion of local investment is expected to flow into the country’s hotels and tourism sector this fiscal year, according to the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration.

In addition, more than Ks 1.627 trillion in local investment is expected in the construction, electric power, industry, housing development, transportation, livestock and fisheries, mines, hotels and tourism, agriculture and services sectors this fiscal year.

Among the 11 sectors analysed by the directorate, Ks 113.9 billion is earmarked for the industrial sector, Ks 262 billion for the hotels and tourism sector and Ks 218 billion for the transportation sector. Up to May 2016, the total local investment in these sectors reached Ks 11.6 trillion.

In addition, foreign investment into Myanmar’s industry, electric power, oil and gas, hotels and tourism, mines, agriculture, livestock and fisheries, transportation, telecommunication, housing and services sectors is expected to reach US$7.95 billion this fiscal year.

Between May 1994 and April 2016, local investments amounted to Ks 11.6 trillion.