Contraband including thousand of beer boxes seized

Mobile Team seized a truck loaded with boxes of Chang Beer (Photo-Shine Lin Aung)

Myanmar’s Mobile Inspection Team seized more than 40,000 boxes of Chang beer and hundreds of household appliances during searches in the last half of March.

On March 18, the team confiscated the beer on a truck near Kyaikhto in Mon State, which is on the southern coast near the border with Thailand's Kanchanaburi province.

On March 27, the team seized from various locations in the country contraband that included more than 30 refrigerators, 400 fans, 35 washing machines, 45 water coolers, 310 amplifiers, 1,100 satellite dish receivers and accessories, medicine, food and garments.

The contraband had been brought into the country illegally from Thailand.

"The contraband was sent to the Customs Department," a team official said. "We will take action as instructed by the Mobile Inspection Team (Central)."

No value for the contraband was released.