China top trading partner of Myanmar

China is the top trading partner of Myanmar out of the 12 major trading countries, according to a report provided by the Ministry of National Planning & Economic Development.

Myanmar’s major international trading partners are China, Thailand, Singapore, Indian, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Indonesia, US and United Kingdom.

During the fiscal year of 2014-2015 which ended in December, it was reported that US$3.536 billion was gained from exporting to China and USD$3.701 billion was spent on imports from China.

The most traded countries with Myanmar, China at the forefront, are Thailand, Singapore, Indian, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

Exports to Thailand from Myanmar were over US$2.677 billion and imports stood at US$1.181 billion. Likewise, the exports to Singapore totalled US$3.83 billion and imports at US$2.776 billion.

The main category of export from Myanmar to China is agricultural products while the list of import from China was food & beverages, pharmaceutical, textile, fertilizer, electrical equipment and machinery.