China invites more rice exporters

The Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) announced it has invited more firms to export rice to China in addition to the original nine companies.

The MRF originally sent a list of more than 100 companies to China for scrutiny checks but the Chinese replied that it was difficult to scrutinise so many firms.

The federation then chose nine companies: MAPCO, FRP, Myanmar Rice Mill, Golden Land East Asia, Bayintnaung Business Group, MRDC, Shan (north) SPRDC, Ayeyar Pathein, Rakhine Rice and Paddy.
The exporters will have to pay the costs to return rice that fails to meet the designated marks.

“China has asked for additional rice exporters. Companies can register at the MRF. The rice quality ordered by China is 25 mark, 35 mark and broken rice,” said Dr Soe Tun, secretary general of the MRF.

China allows Myanmar to export 1 million tonnes of rice a year.