Low supply raises fruit prices in Muse

Htun Nay Hlaing
A fruit wholesale centre at the 105 Mile trade hub. (Photo-EMG)

After the Thingyan water festival, from April 13 to 16, the fruit supply to the 105 Mile trade hub in Muse Township, Shan State, has declined and the prices have risen, sources say.


Yi Yi Khine, a fruit dealer, said: “We saw an influx of fruit during the Thingyan. I think there were about 500 trucks a dayBut the fruit supply has declined since April 17The rain might obstruct picking fruits.”


Cyclone Maarutha triggered heavy rain and strong wind in many parts of the country during the last days of Thingyan and weakened only on April 17.


Watermelons increased from 3 yuan (US$0.44) to 3.8 yuan per kg and a package of mangoes from 100 yuan to 150 yuan.


Sai Myint Bo at the Golden Triangle wholesale centre said: “The watermelon supply dropped. Some fruit farms were ruined by the rain and the trucks found it difficult to enter the farms for loading after the rain. The mango season has begun.”


During the Thingyan the number of fruit trucks was as high as a 1,000 in some daysOn April 19 only around 100 watermelon trucks arrived at the hub.


Translated by Nay Thiha