Inflation reaches 6.93%; highest in Rakhine, Kayah and Chin states

Min Thiha Zaw

According to the Central Statistic Organisation (CSO), the inflation rate of Myanmar in February 2017 was 6.93 percent with highest figures being recorded in Rakhine, Kayah and Chin states.

With a base year of 2012, the inflation rate for 2017 6.93 percent untll February, and 6.97 percent until January. Year on year inflation for 2016 February and 2017 February is 7.99 percent.

The highest inflation rates in the aforementioned states was: 13.80 in Rakhine State, 9.99 in Kayah State and 9.34 percent in Chin State.

The CSO predicts inflation for this year as 11.68 per cent. The National Development short term project (a five year project from 2016 to 2020) prescribes using fiscal policy, monetary policy, trade policy and exchange rate policy in order to control inflation.