MIC hopes to boost domestic investment

Sithu Aung

Domestic sources invested over Ks12 trillion into production, transport, housing development, hotels and tourism and the construction sectors until the end of December, the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) said.

Ks11 trillion was invested before March 2016 and more than Ks742 billion under the National League for Democracy government.

The MIC had allowed 1,224 investments in 11 sectors. 

Domestic investment was about Ks2,344 billion in the production sector, about Ks2,235 billion in transport, Ks2,214 billion in housing development, Ks1,351 billion in hotels and tourism, Ks942 billion in construction, Ks575 billion in industrial development, Ks456 billion in energy, Ks138 billion in mining, Ks66 billion in livestock breeding and fisheries sector, K50 billion in agriculture and Ks1,989 billion in other sectors.

Translated by Aung Kyaw Kyaw