Telecoms leading employer for 2016

Hsan Htoo Aung

The telecommunication sector hired the most staff last year, according to a survey on the jobs website

Since 2014, when the two foreign telecoms firms began operations, increasing numbers have been drawn to the sector.

The distribution and logistics sector came second, followed by construction, trade, manufacturing, computer and technology, and the hotels and tourism sectors, according to the survey.

The state-owned Myanma Posts and Telecommunications hired the largest number of employees in the year, with Huawei and Ooredoo taking the second and third places, the survey revealed.

The website said the data was collected from more than 400 companies and 2,000 job adverts from the firms during the year.

Information technology skills were required for most jobs during the year, the survey said.

There were about 2 per cent more male than female jobseekers.

Translated by TTW