Complete ban placed on rice exports in Muse



Executive committee of the rice trade center in Muse issued a statement saying that it has placed a total ban on rice exports in Muse.

Local and foreign merchants and brokers are exporting local-grown rice to China via illegal routes. The government has not allowed merchants to export rice officially. Actions will be taken against those who export rice illegally.

Muse rice trade center has warned that cooperation would be made with relevant ministries and local authorities if there are complaints about illegal rice trade.

Muse rice trade center issued this statement at the CEC meeting held on October 5.

Region and State Rice Millers Association has submitted the fact that merchants from the neighbouring country buy and export local-grown paddy from the whole country, via illegal routes.

Last year, Myanmar Rice Millers Association reported the matter relating to illegal rice trade to the government via the commerce ministry. The President Office has directed respective officials to take action against illegal rice exports via border areas, in accord with the law.

The rice millers association complained about the purchase and exports of thousand tons of rice in the west Bago Region.

Lack of effective actions against illegal rice trade may have an adverse effect on the local rice market. It may also result in an increase in rice price, a shutdown of local rice mills and a decline in the number of poultry farms, fish and cattle farming.