Cotton in high demand

Min Latt
A cotton plantation in Mandalay Region.


Due to high demand from China, farmers are increasing more cotton acreage, and cotton gets good prices, said Zaw Tun Myint, Deputy Director-General of Department of Industrial Crops Development.

“Now the country’s cotton growing acreage and production has increased substantially. Price for cotton has increased from Ks1,200 to Ks1,500 a viss. Rising cotton price is linked to China’s high demand. China may continue importing cotton from Myanmar in the long term. Now cotton has become a profitable crop for farmers. In addition, the country needs to think about the whole supply chain system. Currently, our country has to import yarns and spindles from other countries. We need to establish finished good factories in order to reduce the outflows of foreign currencies. All those involved in the cotton industry will fare better when the whole supply chain system develops.”

In 2017-2018 FY, there were 181,979 acres of cotton in Mandalay Region. It hit 70.18 per cent target. Among them, the long staple cotton growing area was 159,931 acres.

According to Mandalay Region Agricultural Department, the yield per acre of Ngwechi-6 long staple cotton is up to 1,000 visses and Shwetaung-8 and Ngwechi-9 long staple cotton, over 1,000 visses.