MJTD sees 33 percent decline in land lease

Phyo Wai
Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Limited (MJTD) has seen a 33 percent decline in the land lease and it, therefore, is expecting to realize more earnings from other enterprises.
The Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holding Public Limited is facing decreasing profits from other subsidiaries including MJTD. Its decreasing profits have reached a record high. It fetched only more than K12 billion after taxation. Share holders will get K230 for one share, this amount is the least within three financial years. 
The industrial lands in Thilawa SEZ are the largest income source of the MTSH. In Zone-A, a 96 percent of 300 hectares land has been leased to 81 companies. In Zone-B of phase-one, a 40 percent of 83 hectares land has been leased to 8 companies. In Zone-B of phase-two, 59 hectares land has been under reclamation. Apart from the profits fetching from industrial lands, the MTSH is enjoying earnings from electricity, water supply and maintenance services.
“The MTSH is experiencing challenges in 2017-2018 similar to other enterprises. Myanmar’s economic development is running slow while global economy is fast making progress. Investments are still flowing into Thilawa SEZ. The giant project of Thilawa SEZ possesses competitive capability with positive potentials capable of recovering Myanmar’s economy in the future,” said Win Aung, Chairman of the MTSH.
Translated and Edited by Win Htut