Transactions in Gyaing pontoon bridge face delay as massive jam forms

Ko Shwe Thein
Trucks waiting to cross the bridge


Transaction activities in Gyaing pontoon bridge are facing delay as trucks are waiting to pass the bridge in turn.

Policemen led by Inspector Aung Myint Win, head of Kyondoe police station are helping to ease the traffic jam, said a policeman.

The entry and exit lanes of the bridge are narrow, which makes traffic jam worse. Some trucks overtook the cars in front of them and drove on the opposite lane.

Police are waiting at both sides of the bridge to ease the traffic jam and some people who are in rush used motorcycle taxis.

Express buses weighted above 13 tons are not allowed to cross the Gyaing suspension bridge due to safety of the suspension bridge and they are allowed to pass on Gyaing pontoon bridge. Travellers are delayed due to the traffic jam.