Maungdaw border trade resumes after Eid

Thar Shwe Oo (Kissapa)
Maungdaw border trade resumed which is stopped for three days to celebrate Eid festival, sources said.
The border trade is temporarily stopped from August 21 to 23 for the break of Eid festival and two powered-motor boats carrying djengkol and rohu fish left for Bangladesh on August 24.
Although transaction activities are made through Maungdaw border trade daily, border trade is temporarily stopped as workers in Bangladesh ports were not came to the work during Eid festival.
“The border trade is good at the moment. We are exporting djengkol, gingers and rohu fish. Although transaction is slow in the rainy season, it will be good again in open season,” said Aung San Thein, vice chairman of Maungdaw border traders’ association.
At the present, more djengkol and rohu fish are being exported and three or seven powered-motor boats from Maungdaw border trade center are leaving to Bangladesh daily in August.
Myanmar earned over US$680,000 from Maungdaw border trade from August 1 to 24, according to Director’s Office of Maungdaw border trade department.