China-Myanmar economic zones to export agricultural produce after completion

After construction of economic zones in Myanmar-China border areas, agricultural produce from domestic market can be processed and exported to China through these zones, according to Minister for Commerce Dr. Than Myint.
At present, Myitkyina economic development zone and Kan Paik Tee development zone are confirmed to be constructed. Myitkyina economic development zone will give priority on agricultural and livestock breeding sector, processing finished goods products from industrial sector, production of agricultural produce, production of advance construction material and small scale industrial materials, and transportation of goods. By undertaking the aforementioned, market resources from two regions can beneficially merge according to Minister for Commerce Dr. Than Myint.
From Myanmar-China trade route, promotion of bilateral trade has been carried out through activities such as holding workshops on trade and trade exhibitions. After construction of border trade, agricultural produce from domestic markets can be re-packaging and export to China. By doing so, it will create job opportunities for local people and create more income said Dr. Than Myint.
After completing the economic development zones, it is hoped that sharing of benefits between two countries will be implemented. In theory, establishing of economic development zones has been agreed to be mutually beneficial. Kachin State will get benefits from establishing economic development zones and raise the economic as well as social standards. In order to implement industrial zones, stability of the region is of utmost importance. If local people and merchants cooperate with regional government, multi-development in the region will be appeared. These zones are going to establish by exporting locally produce to internationally standard value added products.
By implementing Kan Paik Tee region development, investment in trade from China will be increased. It will create job opportunities for the local people and the region will be developed. As Kachin State is rich in natural resources and abundant in vacant and virgin lands, Myanmar welcomes investment from China with finance and technology know-how, he added.
The Myitkyina economic zone project will be implemented with Chinese investment on 4000 acres of land. It will develop over a period of 15 years. The first phase covers 1000 acres and will take 5 years.