Myanmar sells 6,841 new cars until 2018 June

Sithu Aung
Myanmar sold out 6,841 brand new cars until 2018 June, with a 114 percent rise compared to the same period of the previous year. Among ASEAN countries, Myanmar stands at the top in development, reported by ASEAN Automotive Federation.
Until the end of 2018 June, Indonesia sold 553,779 cars, Thailand, 489,118 cars, Malaysia, 289,714, Philippines, 171,590 cars, Vietnam 125,659 cars, Singapore, 48,443 cars, Myanmar, 6,841 cars, and Brunei, 5,690 cars.
Singapore, Brunei, Philippines went down in sales of car compared to that of last year. The remaining ASEAN countries rose in the car sales. In comparison with the same period of the previous year, the sales of new cars climbed by 4.7 percent. Myanmar stood at the top with more than 114 percent. 
During 2017, Myanmar sold 8,225 brand new cars, up 97 percent compared to that of 2016. Myanmar sold more new cars in 2018 than those in 2017. Myanmar sold 891 new cars in January, 1,079 in February, 2,962 cars in March, 3,715 in April, 1,538 cars in May, and 1,588 cars in June. Myanmar sold more 3,646 cars in 2018 than those in 2017 with a 114.1 percent.
In 2016, Myanmar sold 4168 cars. During 2017, the government changed the car import policy and sold more than 8,200 cars. Myanmar’s market for the sale of new cars is thriving in ASEAN. Myanmar is expected to be rising in automobile market. 
Myanmar is making progress in the sales of new cars and stands at the top in the manufacturing of new cars. Six ASEAN countries including Myanmar are carrying out car assembly services. The whole ASEAN bloc saw 0.6 percent progress in 2017.  Myanmar saw more than 320 percent. 
Until 2018 June, Thailand managed to assemble 1,056,569 cars, Indonesia, 624,408 cars, Malaysia, 280,947 cars, Vietnam, 101,459 cars, Philippine, 40,982 cars, and Myanmar, 4,683 cars. Except the Philippine, the remaining countries saw progress in the manufacturing of cars. The whole ASEAN bloc saw 6.6 percent in the assembly and manufacturing of cars in 2018 May. Myanmar saw 194 percent in the assembly and manufacturing of cars. 
Myanmar assembled 4,930 cars in 2017, and 3,778 cars in 2016. It climbed by 328 percent. Myanmar assembled 610 cars in January of 2018, 777 cars in February, 665 cars in March, 618 cars in April, 982 cars in May, and 1,031 cars in June. Myanmar managed to assemble more 3,094 cars with 194.7 percent, compared to those of the same period of last year.    
Translated and Edited by Win Htut