FDI inflows hit over US$ 829 million in four months


From April to July this year, the government allowed foreign investments worth over US$ 829 million with manufacturing and telecom sectors saw the highest inflow of foreign investments, according to the Directorate of Investment and Companies Administration.

Within four months, seven out of 12 investment sectors saw an inflow of 53 foreign investments—39 in manufacturing sector, two each in housing development center and agricultural sector, one each in hotels and tourism sector, livestock and fishery sector and industrial development sector and, seven in other services sector.

Manufacturing sector saw an inflow of FDI worth US$ 383.067 million, US$ 140.048 million in transport and telecom sector, US$ 210.356 million in other service sector, US$ 34.481 million in industrial development sector, US$ 25.380 million in housing development center, US$ 10.650 million in agricultural sector, US$ 10.514 million in livestock and fishery sector, US$ 9.265 million in hotels and tourism sector and US$ six million in mining sector.

Within four months, the total FDI inflows hit US$ 829.761 million—US$ 315.054 million by Singapore, US$ 112.299 million by China, US$ 85.357 million by Japan, US$ 55.900 million by the US, US$ 55.197 million by Hong Kong, US$ 44.202 million by South Korea, US$ 43.514 million by Thailand, US$ 42.040 million by Samoa, US$ 22.500 million by Cambodia, US$ 19.925 million by India, US$ 10.600 million by the UK, US$ 7.658 million by Taiwan, US$ 6.245 million by Vietnam, US$ 4.050 million by Seychelles, US$ 3.355 million by Brunei and US$ 1.865 million by Austria.

Until July this year, the government granted 1,523 foreign direct investments worth US$ 76850.400 million.