Prices for bran and broke rice hit record high

Theingi Win Tin


Prices for bran and broken rice used for the production of animal feed have reached a record high, according to the information at the regular meeting held at Myanmar Fishery Federation on July 24.

Dr Thet Hmu, chair of Myanmar Fish and Prawn Feed Manufacturers Association said: “Bran is mainly used as raw material for the production of animal feed. In the last week of July, price for bran hit a record high during five years. Bran price is similar to price for broken rice. Now there are poor road transportation and climate changes.

Bran price reached a record high of Ks-480 per viss in 2016. It stood at Ks-335 in 2017 and Ks-522 in 2018. Bran price is expected to continue to increase due to climate conditions. It is difficult to store bran. The government allows exports of rice, broken rice and bran. Anyway, bran price will not decline. It will continue to rise in August, September and October.”

Price for broken rice hit Ks-506 per viss in 2016 and Ks-517 in 2017. Now price for broken rice hits a record high of Ks-640 per viss. But the quality of broken rice is low, Dr Thet Hmu added.

Hsan Htike, a CEC member of Fish Breeders Association said: “Fish market is down after Saudi Arabia has suspended imports of fish from Myanmar. Breeders are facing difficulties due to rising animal feed prices.”