UMWS signs major forklift deal with PEA (Thailand) as part of eco-friendly habitat

Kywe Wa Dana Tun Myanmar Eleven
Atsushi Tomita, MD of UMWS (left) & Vice Governor Amnuaychai Suwansoontorn (right).


BANGKOK - United Motor Works Siam (UMWS) handover 115 electric forklifts to Provincial Electric Authority of Thailand (PEA) Bangkok, in a hand-over ceremony on June 25, as part of a major business deal signed between the two organizations. The dialogue between heads of organization strongly indicates about the long-term partnership and cultivates more business in future.

The event, held at UMWS headquarters, was attended by government delegation led by His Excellency Vice Governor Mr. Amnuaychai Suwansoontorn, Mitsubishi Logisnext Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Mitsubishi Logisnext Factory (Thailand) along with other senior officials of UMWS.

Mr. Atsushi Tomita, Managing Director of UMWS, said "We are very proud of this achievement now that we have excellent opportunity to contribute in this important government sector which has  significant role in daily life of people of Thailand. It requires lot of dedication and tireless efforts to keep the daily supply uninterrupted and needs proper planning for the future. I see it is very tough and challenging job" as part of his keynote speech.

UMWS has been doing business for more than 35 years in Thailand as exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi forklift, their expertise and vast experience was one of the reasons to sign this pact. UMWS assures about warranty, after sale services, safety training and other services to their customers. The UMWS’s dedicated team of product services is always on their duty to satisfy the customer

As such, UMWS held both academic and practical training sessions right after the ceremony to 30 drivers from PEA that will be maneuvering the battery-powered forklifts.

As part of the Thai government continuous efforts to protect environment and encourage product which helps to reduce pollution in the environment, this deal would set to win lot of appreciation from Thai government while agreed to supply 115 eco-friendly battery operated Mitsubishi forklifts under this entente. These industrial machines are better, more efficient and environment friendly. The purchase of 115 battery powered Mitsubishi forklifts from UMWS is to replace Diesel powered ones currently in use is telling of the efforts poured in by the government and its private sector associates.

The forklifts, developed through Japanese technologies, are reportedly the only one that passed the government's stringent Terms of References, built both in-and-out to be less harmful to the environment due to internal system consuming less power, each mechanical part equipped to handle commands with great amount of efficiency and the green color scheme of the forklift symbolizing harmony with nature.

"We are very confident on the products of world class high quality electric forklift of Mitsubishi to meet your demand and requirement and our team fully committed to provide our best service support and back-up for your operation as well," said Atsushi Tomita.

United Motor Works (Siam) Public Company Limited (UMWS) is a leading marketer and distributer for high quality material handling industrial, Agriculture machinery and solution, automotive repair service tools, Construction equipment and machinery in Thailand and Indochina region.