Puma Energy is keen to invest in Myanmar deep sea ports

Zeyar Nyein
YANGON- Singapore-based Puma Energy Company is keen to invest in construction of Myanmar deep sea ports, according to the press conference held in Union Business Centre on June 21st.
“Myanmar deep seaport project is very big project. Puma Energy will see every possible opportunities in the country but we can't say anything exact now” said Wai Hlyan Min, Commercial Manager from Puma Energy Company.
Among jetties that dot the coastal region, the Union government is now considering construction of an international standard jetty in Kyaukphyu.
Myanmar is also in discussion with Japan and Thailand for upgrading the Dawei Jetty in Taninthayi Region to international standards.
Puma Energy is responsible for building the fuel storage tanks in Thilawa Jetty. A tank can store fuel 91,000 cubic-meters.
Puma Energy international is a mid-and downstream oil company. Its operations span over 47 countries and encompass supply, storage, refining, distribution, and retail of a range of petroleum products.
A press conference also reported that Puma Energy Company was given the green light to the distribution of petroleum products in Myanmar since early of February last year.
The company is now conducting market survey for opening of fuel stations in Myanmar.
They will start distributing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for cooking in around 2019, according to the press conference.
“The Company is conducting a survey on LPG market. We are trying to make our investments as soon as possible. It will materialize in around 2019-2020,” said Wai Hlyan Min.