Puma Energy to start LPG distribution in around 2019

Zeyar Nyein
The fuel storage tank owned by Puma Energy Asia Sun, a joint venture between Puma Energy and Asia Sun Energy at Thilawa Jetty.


Singapore-based Puma Energy Company will start distributing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for cooking in around 2019, according to a press conference at Union Business Centre on June 21.

Wai Hlyan Min, the commercial manager of Puma Energy said: “The Company is conducting a survey on LPG market. We are trying to make our investments as quickly as possible. It will materialize in around 2019-2020.”

According to the Puma Energy’s market survey, Myanmar has the most promising potential market for LPG. The company will distribute LPG in different sizes to the market.

Take a look at other countries the LPG is mainly used for cooking. We mainly focus on the cylinders of LPG.

Union Minister for Electricity and Energy Win Khaing said a LPG Terminal was opened in Yangon. A plan is under way to transport LPG by ships which can load up to 2,000 tonnes of LPG.

Union Region Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein said at Yangon Investment Forum 2018, said most of houses which have access to electricity are using electricity for cooking. More investments in LPG sector are needed to encourage the people to use more LPG rather than electricity in cooking.

Puma Energy International is a mid- and downstream oil company. Its operations span over 47 countries and encompass the supply, storage, refining, distribution, and retail of a range of petroleum products.