Huawei sees “abundant” opportunities in Asia Pacific

Khine Kyaw
Qiu Lei, vice president of marketing and product solutions sales department at Huawei Enterprise BG at Asia Pacific ISP Summit in Hong Kong(Photo-Khine Kyaw, Myanmar Eleven)
Giventhe rapid growth of internet users at 14 per cent CAGR and e-Commerce at 32per cent CAGR, Huawei Technologies Co, a Chinese technology giant, sees abundant opportunities for internet access and cloud data centre development in the region, according to Qiu Lei, vice president of marketing and product solutions sales department at Huawei Enterprise Business Group.
“In this digital economy era, Asia Pacific is one of the most promising regions, resulting in US$300 billion worth of economy growth in the next ten years,” he said at the Huawei Asia Pacific ISP Summit 2018 held in Hong Kong last week.
“In 2018, our enterprise business will continue to enhance our portfolio in domains like cloud, big data, campus networks, data centers, and IoT.”
With full-stack solutions across devices, networks, and the cloud,  the firm works with partners to meet the customers’ requirements of fast service deployment, elastic resource release, big data analytics, ultra- broadband DCI and so on to help ISPs conduct digital transformation and remain competitive in the digital era, said Lei.
“Last year, we kept strategic focus on creating value for our customers. Our sales revenue reached around $92.6 billionwith 15.7 per cent year on year growth. Among that, around 10per cent contribution comes from EBG with more than 35per cent growth, 20per cent of it is from ISP industry overseas. Asia Pacific region plays a very important role,” he said.
Lei said the firm’s achievements largely relied on its continuous investment in research and development, which has approximately 80,000 employees, comprising 45 per cent of its total workforce. The firm's R&D expenditures totaled around CNY90 billion last year, accounting for around 15 per cent of total revenue. 
“We have spent more than CNY400 billion on R&D over the past decade. Total number of patents granted to Huawei is 74,307,” he said.
At the event, Lei said the firm provided a one-stop innovative ICT infrastructure platform to three types of ISP customers_ OTT/MTDC, DCI/IXP, and IAP.
In OTT/MTDC domain, the firm provides customers with various resources within data centers, including high-density and high-performance servers distributed storage, and agile interconnection networks and infrastructure for different Internet services.
 Altogether more than 1 million servers have been used in the world. And its shipment in the past three years is among top four in the industry. The number of data center switches increases by more than 70 per cent per year. 
“We have the largest professional server lab in Asia to verify product reliability. In addition, automatic DCN O&M redefines the data center traffic visualisation system,” he said.
In DCI/IXP domain, the firm providessolutions that support virtual bandwidth operational services.In IAP domain,it provides multiple terminal access solutions such as copper line, PON, Wi-Fi, and eLTE.
Currently, the firm has provided solutions for more than 1,000 internet companies in more than 50 countries around the world. It has joined hands with Singapore Keppel DC to create a new generation data center which has 183,000-square-feet in Tampines. It also cooperates with Thailand UIH to build a backbone DWDM network covering Thailand's north and south, and works together with Netherland AMS-IX, the world’s largest IXP, to deploy cloud interconnection solution.
“We believe that by leveraging our experience globally, we can work together closely in the coming digital transformation era,” said Lei.
He said the event served as a platform to share views and find potential collaboration opportunities with the firm’s customers.