Citizen investments hit over Ks 16864 bln

Sithu Aung


Till March this year, the government granted 1,361 citizen investments worth over Ks 16,864 billion, according to Myanmar Investment Commission.

The total Citizen investments in 11 sectors are: Ks 3982.930 billion in housing development sector, Ks 2898.913 billion in manufacturing sector, Ks 2846.731 billion in transportation sector, Ks 1757.592 billion in hotels and tourism sector, Ks 1075.183 billion in construction sector, Ks 862.903 billion in industrial development sector, Ks 628.948 billion in energy sector, Ks 147.525 billion in mining sector, Ks 84.282 billion in livestock and fishery sector, Ks 51.193 billion in agricultural sector and Ks 2528.397 billion in other sector.

Till March of 2015-2016 FY, citizen investments reached over Ks 11,624 billion. Since January, 2017, the real estate sector has topped the list of citizen investments overtaking the manufacturing sector. During two years since the incumbent government taking office, the citizen investments amounted to around Ks 5,240 billion.