Tourists flock to southern Shan



There are the massive influx of tourists in ten townships in southern Shan State, according to Directorate of Hotels and Tourism.

The most visited tourist destinations are Taunggyi, Shwenyaung, Nyaungshwe, Pindaya, Kalaw, Aungpan, Pinlaung, Namhsan, Pekon and Pa-O.

Last year, Shan State received 767,039 local and foreign visitors. From January to February this year, the State received 67,220 local visitors and 144,857 foreign visitors.

The southern Shan state received arrivals of 147,826 tourists in 2014 and 174,346 tourists in 2015.

The number of arrivals of local visitors increased by 13 per cent and foreign visitors by 24 per cent, compared with those in 2016-2017 FY, according to Directorate of Hotels and Tourism (Shan State).

People visited the sites in townships of Taunggyi District mostly. The most popular destination is Inle Lake in Nyaungshwe Township.

October, November, December, January, February and March see the huge influx of visitors. The number of tourist arrivals usually declines in the rainy season.

France citizens stood first on the list of tourist arrivals, followed by the US, second and Germany, third.

Last year the number of local visitors to Nyaungshwe Township increased by 52 per cent and foreigners by 26 per cent.