Top 10 lists for income and trading Tax payers announced



According to the Internal Revenue Department, Kanbawza Bank and Dagon Beverages lead the list of highest income tax payers among domestic companies for 2016-2017.

KBZ Bank lead the top 10 list with over Ks 20 billion and the rest under Ks 10 billion are Diamon Star, Myawaddy Bank, Shwe Taung Development, Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited, Myawaddy Trading, PT Power Trading, Thilawa SEZ Administration.

Jing Hpaw Aun Jade and Jewellery and Myanma Awba comes in last in the top 10 list with Ks 5 billion and below.

Four production companies, two banks, two land developers and two traders make up the top 10.

For the most amount of Trade Taxes paid, Dagon Beverages again lead by over Ks 20 billion while Myawaddy Trading, Denko Trading, PT Power Trading, Shwe Byaing Phyu, International Beverages Trading, Asia Energy, Royal Myawaddy Distillery, City Mart, Regency Material Trading make up the rest of the list.

There are eight trading companies and two production companies in the Trade Tax top 10 list.

There is also a top 10 list, ordered highest to lowest and categorized by the type of industry for most income taxes paid. Once again, KBZ Bank in the Banking Sector tops the chart with over Ks 20 billion followed by Diamond Star in goods production sector, Shwe Taung in Construction/Land Development sector, Myawaddy Trading for the trade sector, Thilawa SEZ Administration for the service sector and Myanmar Imperial Jade Gem & Jewellery for precious stone sector.

Similarly, another top 10 list of most trade taxes paid categorized by sector make up of Dagon Beverages at the top with over Ks 20 billion in the goods production sector, Myawaddy Trading for the Trade Sector, Great Genesis Gems for the precious stones sector, Shwe Taung in the Construction/Land Development sector, Octagon International Services in the service sector and last but not least, Air KBZ in the commercial flight sector.

Eleven Media Group, 6th year running in making into the top lists of companies paying taxes, came in 255th in most income taxes and 345th for most trade taxes paid, both under Ks 400 million.

A comparable local media group Information Matrix, most well known for their 7 Day Newspaper, surprisingly only came in 734th in the list for income taxes paid under Ks 100 million and 502th for trade taxes paid under Ks 300 million.

Eleven Media Group had paid taxes totaling over Ks 34 billion during the last six years.