Marine export earnings hit over $497 million

Wai Lin Aung
According to the Fisheries Department (Yangon region), the country has earned nearly US$498 million (672.66 billion kyat) from exports of marine products during this fiscal year.
Tun Win Myint, head of the Yangon Region Fisheries Department said export earnings were expected to hit $700 million during this year if they can consistently meet exports of  $70 million tonnes monthly.
Next year’s export earnings are expected to reach $1 billion. Vietnam is now exporting products worth $9 billion. Thailand earns about $7 billion from exports of marine products. Their export earnings are set to hit between $11 billion and $12 billion.”
“Export products will get higher prices only after value is added” to the resource, said Tun Win Myint.
“The government has already urged entrepreneurs to produce value-added products,” he said. Technical assistance from foreign countries could help Myanmar achieve desired export earnings from marine products, he added.