Myanmar to sign MoU on purchase of power with Laos

Nay Rai + Kyaw Myo

Myanmar will sign MoU on purchase of electric power with Laos after the Ministry of Electric Power and Energy has discussed to buy electric power from foreign countries, assistant secretariat Min Min Oo said.

“We will sign with Laos soon. Now we agree on the mutual contract in principle,” Min Min Oo said.

After signing the agreement, we will have to discuss it in details regarding the purchase of electric power of the two countries, Min Min Oo said.

Myanmar has adopted a policy of National Electrification Plan. It means that power will be available nationwide in 2030. Local people object to coal-fire power and hydropower projects. The ministry is facing these challenges. To overcome these unpleasant situations, the only solution is to buy power from foreign countries. For this we are holding discussions, Min Min Oo said.

“The local people don’t accept hydropower and coal-fired power. These are challenges to overcome. Laos, China and India are offering us to sell power. We are holding discussions because of our lack of experience,” Min Min Oo said.

We are studying because of lack of experience. We are studying transnational matters, contracts and power techniques. Power bill is also being negotiated. Power price needs to be acceptable. If the price is acceptable, we will buy and distribute power domestically, Min Min Oo said.

“Currently, LNG groups come here and discuss with us. Alternative way is to buy power from foreign countries. We are in a state of negotiation. There are also solar and renewable energy projects. We regard hydropower projects being currently implemented as priority. We are trying to hunt power before 2023,” Min Min Oo said. 

Translated by Win Htut