Mytel to launch service in first three months of 2018

EMG reporter
Mytel, the fourth telecommunication operator within Myanmar, has finished 70 per cent of its expected
network and is projected to provide services within the first three months of this year, said a company official.
“We are preparing to launch our service. But we cannot say the date exactly because we are concerned about unexpected changes,” said the official, who asked not to be named.
“We have to seek approval from the Directorate of Telecommunications. When all things are in place, we will launch our service.”
Mytel’s investment has reached about US$1 billion (1.34 trillion kyat) including licence fees.
In the current telecom market, MPT (Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications) possess 42 per cent of the market share, Telenor 35 per cent and Ooredoo 23 per cent. Mytel has vowed to provide the best service and become the best operator, although it is the fourth and final operator. Ooredoo and Telenor launched their services in 2014.
Mytel is jointly owned by Myanmar National Telecom Holding Public Co Ltd with 23 per cent of its shares, Star High Public Co Ltd with 28 per cent and Viettel from Vietnam with 49 per cent.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications granted a telecom licence to Myanmar National Tele & Communications Co Ltd at a cost of $300 million.