Chinshwehaw border gate may be upgraded to ‘international’ status

The Nandaw border checkpoint in Muse at the Myanmar-China border. (Photo-Nilar)
The Chinshwehaw border gate between Myanmar and China will be transformed into an international border gate under an agreement between the two foreign affairs ministries, if approved by other ministries and government bodies.
The announcement was made by Union Minister for Labour, Immigration and Population Thein Swe at the 13th meeting between vice president Myint Swe and businesspeople held in Yangon on December 30.
Thein Swe’s ministry favours upgrading the border crossing. Now it needs approval from the region, the union government, related ministries including the Ministry of Home Affairs. If they all approve the upgrade, the Security, Peace and Rule of Law Committee would have a say before the proposal is passed to the office of the president, he said.
After approval from the union government, the border gate could be opened after signing an agreement between the foreign ministries of the two countries.
The minister said there are three criteria to establish an international border gate – exact demarcation, security assurances and smooth transport. Only then, could a bilateral agreement be signed, he added.
The Myanmar-China border now has eight border gates.
According to the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, about 4,000 Chinese citizens and about 10,000 Myanmar people pass through the Chinshwehaw border gate. It now has nine staff assigned, said Thein Swe.