Phase 2 of Zone B Thilawa SEZ project under way

A factory in Thilawa Special Economic Zone

The construction of Zone-B in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone Project will be finished in August next year.

Plans are under way to develop phase 2 of Zone B, said Myint Zaw, officer and general manager of Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Ltd.

Investors will be able to start leasing land in Zone B by the end of this year, he said.

“Currently, we have sold out 26 per cent of Zone B. And the Zone A project has been completed by 96 per cent,” he added.

Seventeen countries have invested in the Zone-B project, with Japan topping the list of investors. Many countries have offered to invest in the SEZ project.

Set Aung, chair of the Thilawa SEZ management committee said: “Thilawa SEZ project is located about 20 kilometres southeast of Yangon.

“We are making all-out efforts for the emergence of the best infrastructure in a short space of time, effective governmental procedures and environmental protection. We are trying our best to establish a better relation with locals in the project area.

“These are all fundamental points to connect international communities. Thilawa SEZ project is the most attractive one for investors among other SEZ projects in Asean countries. The launch of the Zone B project can open a new chapter in Myanmar.”

Translated by Myo Than